Handling clients when they try to give you the run around!

Now we’ve all heard these dreaded words in our business, your right at the end of your sales call or presentation and the perspective client/customer looks at you dead in the face and says “I’ll get back to you” or “I need to look it over and come back to you”. Now you can wait days, weeks or even months and 9/10 they do not come back to you and you will have to chase them again and again. 

Now you don’t want to seem annoying and for years I used to try and combat this issue by saying such things as “would you like me to send you some more information?” Or “when do you think you will get back to me?” (cringe) this was my pain for a very very long time. 

The answer is simple – Be Direct:

Don’t be at a lower position in this relationship, you have good services/products to offer, lets act like it! When they say those dreaded words, simply be direct with them and say “You know what Mr Prospect usually when I hear that form people, I never hear from them again, let’s bottom line this, what would it take for you and I to do business today?”

Usually the prospect will say something like “Well I need some references, a plan, or I need to talk to someone” and that ok, now you can focus on solving that particular barrier to the sale! Instead of this thing that’s up in the air now you have delved deeper and can now act in a way that helps them and you! Now you know exactly what your solving and the barrier you have to purchasing or using your services.

Or you can say “Hey, Mr Prospect, I’ve been doing this a long time, and I know you will never get back to me, your being polite and just don’t want to reject me face to face, isn’t that what’s going on here? Is it the term? Is it the price? You can be honest with me. Assuming we are not going to do business together let’s lay it on the table, tell me, what don’t you like about this deal?

Now the prospect may say “well the price is a little steep” now you know it’s price and you can say “Lets talk about price, what if I offer you a payment plan? What if we do installments etc?  What if we can narrow the upfront fee, would that make a difference?” “Yes it would” ok now we have a deal!

Whatever they say is the reason at this point you know from their own mouth that this is the main reason, now you can break down that barrier and they have nothing else stopping them perusing.

You have to understand that not all prospects will give you all the information and therefore will not tell you the whole truth, you need to cut through the crap and get through to the REAL reason why they don’t want to bite your hand off and take your product or services!

Try it for yourself and let me know in the comments if this simple technique has worked for you. Its simple…be direct!

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