Why Cafépress, Amazon Merch & Teespring Are Just The Start!

A have a close friend of mine, who makes a good amount of passive income (Avg £3400 PCM) using this passive income stream. Merch by Amazon, Cafépress and also Teespring allows you sell high-quality t-shirts perfectly tailored to your audience, with ZERO upfront cost. 

Just upload your artwork, choose a t-shirt type and colour, set your price, and add a product description. They will then create a product page on their platform, and when customers buy your t-shirt, they’ll handle production, shipping, packing, and customer service. If your t-shirt design becomes popular and makes sales, you’ll be able to earn royalties on your t-shirt design.

With Amazon, your T-shirt design is eligible for Prime users, which is a massive plus as many people opt for prime over standard sellers as it gives not only a faster delivery but adds credibility to the product.

Selling T-shirts is an excellent way to make passive income if you are an illustrator or designer or just good with a pencil. If you have not got the technical skills but have a good eye for design, using Merch by Amazon and Teespring’s easy online design creators you can create your t-shirt design quite simply in just a few minutes. You then name the price, and each time you make a sale Amazon, Teespring, or CafePress (All three platforms if you desire) print the item, ship the item to your buyers, and then you split the profits. 

Teespring & CafePress also allow you to add your designs on a variety of other items such as Mugs, leggings, Gym Vests, Hoodies, t-shirts (Men’s & Women’s), baby clothes and more.

As well as people looking for unique gifts on Amazon, CafePress and Teespring, every Holiday there are tens of thousands of people buying novelty gear from Halloween, Christmas and Computer Nerd T-shirts, Mugs and Hoodies. Catchphrases such as “You are what you eat” for vegans and quotes such as “The journey of a thousand miles, begins with a first step” are popular too. However, it doesn’t stop with just novelty gear; a simple but efficient way is to use Google to search for motivational quotes (or use Instagram to find them), then redesign the same quote and upload the design to Merch by Amazon, CafePress or Teespring.

More on Café express later, however, the main advantage of using companies like Amazon and Teespring is that you don’t have to stock any of the products, buy bulk equipment or print anything. Your job is only to come up with great designs and let these giants do the work for you.

If you would like to sell t-shirts on your website or platform, then I recommend Shopify.

Shopify is an all in one e-commerce solution that is very easy to use and has excellent support if you have any setup or general running issues.

Once you have set up your Shopify store using one of their many free themes, then you can use an app such as Printful to fulfill orders.

Printful is easy to use:

When an order is made on Shopify (or even eBay) with a Printful product, the order is directly sent to Printful (offices in America & Europe), where they will print and ship it to your customer under your brand.

Integrating Printful with your Shopify store is easy:

Create your Printful and Shopify accounts

Click the “Get” button on the Printful app page and follow the instructions

Upload designs and sync existing products that you’d like to fulfill through them, or easily create new ones with their product generator

Set up your billing and shipping, and you’re done!

With Printful, you get:

  • Control over your profit: They charge you the bare minimum to cover production – you set your end price, and what’s left is your profit
  • Discounted samples: Order product samples with 20% off + free shipping.
  • Free mockups: Create product mockups with their mock-up generator.
  • White label: You won’t see Printful on any of your orders, you can use your own logo and branding.
  • Stress-free shipping: Lost/damaged shipments are on them, and domestic orders come with a tracking code
  • Warehousing & Fulfillment: Store your entire inventory at their warehouse, and they’ll fulfill all your orders

Hot Tips: 

1.   You can also outsource design work to websites such as vivsolutions.co.uk, dribble.co/, and fiver.com if you don’t want to create the designs yourself.

2.    Use Targeted Facebook and Instagram ads to drive sales even further

This blog post is taken from the book 30 passive Income Ideas”.

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