Book Marketing For Newbies In 2019

One of the booming industries in the world currently is the self-help and wellness industry. It rakes in roughly $10 billion annually in only the U. S. Trying to get an estimate for its global worth will blow you away. There is a big market for self-help literature. However, there is also a very fierce competition amongst authors. To gain entrance and a foothold in the industry needs a lot of input. The challenge is always to try to stand out of the crowd with your work. This is no mean feat. 

This write-up is aimed at equipping you with marketing tips that will make your book publicity campaign a huge success. As a self-help author who does not have a book publicist, employing this marketing strategy faithfully will help you achieve great results. Results similar to those of a good publicist. Self-help authors should take note of the following tips :

strategiesfor Marketing Self-Help Books

Yourcredentialsshould be out there 

It goes beyond the book

Prepare to write 

Maximize Social/digital media platforms 

Itgoes beyond book salesalone 

Be prepared to be… brief 

Bereadily available 

Put in some creativity 

1. Your credentials should be out there 

It is very important that your potential customers get to know that you have some expertise and experience in the area you have chosen to engage with your work. It is false modesty not to flaunt your credentials. You have to put them out there. If you don’t, the credibility of your work will most likely take a hit. For example, nobody wants to take health advice from an unknown quantity or business advice from a beggar. In the nutshell, market your credentials along with your work. 

2. It goes beyond the book 

Just like your book, you are also been marketed. It is a very prominent feature of promoting nonfiction books. It’s a form linear relationship where publicity for your book is publicity for you. You can’t divorce yourself or personality from your book. It is a piece of you and a reflection of your mindset and world view. Whenever your book is mentioned people will always place you with your work. Therefore be ready for interviews from media outlets because hey! your book didn’t write itself. Embrace the limelight and use it to gain exposure for yourself and your work. 

3. Prepare to write 

Most times, writing never ends with the publishing of your book as a self-help author on a promotion campaign. After the rigors of writing your self-help book, you might think it stops there but it does not. You can write articles and collaborate with your publicist to get them published in media outlets. 

Most media outlets are hungry for content: quality content. Keep in mind that articles are meant to provide solutions and information. They are not for the purpose of advertisements. However, at the tail end of articles, you get the chance to input a brief bio of your self and your work. 

This method is a tested and trusted strategy. So much success has been recorded from this. Putting your voice and expertise out there through articles will do your book a lot of good. Don’t just leave every single thing about sales promotion to your publicist alone. 

You have to also know that the media is also interconnected. A good article in a magazine or on an online platform can earn an interview on a popular talk show. 

4. Maximize social /digital media platforms 

There is so much you can do with social media. You will be doing yourself and your craft a great disservice if you don’t make the most of the immense opportunities and vast market that the social media offers. Try to keep yourself abreast with new social media trends and innovations, taking note of what suits your purpose. 

You must not be active on all social media platforms. Choose the few that you consider best for your work. Most authors prefer Facebook and Twitter. Instagram is also very good. You can take social courses online. An example is Instagramspark free online social media course. 

In social media marketing, consistency is key. Being off social media for long spells while coming on in between long breaks will do your sales campaign and brand no good. 

5. It goes beyond book sales 

Successful book promotion campaigns come with a lot of sales, media coverage and popularity. These most often offer the author opportunities to do other things he or she might have taught of doing. It might be to start a career as a public speaker or to start a new business or whatever it might be. Books and the fame that come with it generate other opportunities for greater self-discovery and achievements. 

6. Be prepared to be… brief

Self-help authors always invited as interview guests on talk shows and popular broadcast. On TV and radio stations, interviewers most often expect concise answers that are straight to the point. This is not advocating for one-word answers either. 

You must avoid verbosity. Your answers should be short and straight to the point. A typical radio or talk show interview takes 7 – 10 minutes. It is most times shorter than that. You must use that short time to convey what the core of your work is all about. If elaboration is needed, your interviewer will ask. 

Take time to practice before you go for an interview in order to effectively seize the moment. 

7. Be readily available!

Don’t make the mistake of folding your hands and being aloof while sales campaign or promotion is going on. It’s your book. Yes, you hired a publicist but you must be actively involved. You will be grateful you actively participated. 

You might be busy due to a tight schedule but create time to show up from time to time. Keep yourself updated on the progress and challenges of the campaign. It will build you up for the future. 

8. Put in some creativity 

In order to beat the fierce competition in the self-help industry, you must be very creative. You must be willing to step out of your comfort zone sometimes. You must be ready for a part of your book as a bait to get the desired results. 

Things happen every day in industries that you might not be so vested in. As far as those occurrences resonate with the overall message of your book or a part of it, seize that opportunity to draw attention to your work. You might need to get yourself more acquainted with that particular sector or industry. What matters is that you are ready to stretch yourself and your creativity in order to use such opportunities as leverage. 

The most important marketing strategy is quality of work and content. However, if you practice all the tips enunciated above you will immensely brighten your chances of being a successful self-help author. 

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