Top 5 trends you need to implement for the remainder of 2019

The bad news is some of these Trends have been developing for quite a few years! The good news is, most of your competitors are probably not up to date with a lot of these. So, if you can get implementing these new digital marketing trends now and figure out how to make them work best for your business.

Let’s take a look at the 5 top marketing trends in 2019.

1) AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Artificial intelligence (AI) has finally become a viable asset for marketers—especially when it comes to the mundane work of digital marketing.

For example, AI is great at helping you analyze broad data sets— like your customers interaction with your website or social media—so you can figure out the best ways to reach and market to your customers.

In addition, marketing platforms like Google Ads have made huge strides in creating AI technology that can help you get more from your advertising efforts. 

To really get the most from Googles automated features, however, your campaigns need to be set up to help the algorithms work in your favor. That means implementing effective and accurate conversion tracking, writing great ad copy and identifying your ideal audiences and keywords.

Google ads automation still works best with Human oversite but as long as you don’t “set it and forget it”, automation can be a huge opportunity for your business for the next 6 months. 

2) Using Chatbots

You can’t talk about AI and marketing without talking about chatbots. Last year, chatbots really took off. In 2017, less than 2% of customer service incorporated chatbot technology. By 2020, that figure will have increased by more than 12x!

Many people think chatbots are only for customer service, however, there is also an opportunity for marketers.

Nobody really loves responding at all hours of the day and night to chat messages on your site, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Messaging is a great way to build relationships with your audience, but it is also very time-consuming.

If you’re worried about whether or not that will offend people, don’t. 1.4 billion people are already interacting with chatbots and 80% of businesses are currently using or planning to implement chatbots by 2020.

For example, Booking.com has been using chatbots for years. Their bots make it easy to amend bookings from all sorts of platforms: Facebook Messenger, Slack, Google Maps…and more! 

As it turns out, many customers prefer chatbots to humans because they’re quick, accurate and patient. Sure, they’re not perfect for every customer, but if you set things up right, chatbots can be a great way to make life easier for you and your customers.

3) Video Marketing in 2019

Video marketing promises to be even bigger between 2019-2020. While creating effective marketing videos is certainly more work than writing a text ad or letting Google auto-create a display ad for you, video is an incredibly powerful marketing medium that can do wonders for your business.

Video marketing (especially if it goes viral) is one of the best ways to engage and reach your target audience and convert them into clients/customers. 

Need more convincing?

  • More than 8 billion videos are watched daily on Facebook
  • Story Ad videos can increase ad recall, purchase intent, message association, and CTR
  • Sponsored videos on Instagram get 3x more comments than their sponsored photo counterparts
  • YouTube’s 6-second bumper ads have an average brand message lift of more than 30%, and 9 out of 10 top ads resulted in ad recall globally
  • 64% of customers said that watching a Facebook video convinced them to make a purchase.
  • Video ad completion rates have been steadily increasing in the past few years, reaching 70% in 2017

Video advertising is harder and more expensive than more traditional forms of digital advertising, one thing to remember: your competition is already investing in video advertising. Maybe you should be too!

4) Time For Social Media Influencers?

Trust is a key part of the marketing and sales process. The problem is, most people have been exposed to so much marketing for so long that they don’t trust brands very much anymore. 

People may not trust what you say about your business, but they do trust what others say about you brand—especially if those others are respected influencers.

Twitter reports nearly 40% of Twitter users say they’ve made a purchase as a direct result of a Tweet from an influencer. Those numbers are often even higher for Instagram!

People buy from people, so influencer marketing is a way to build your business trust. When you align your campaignss with an influencer, not only do they bring their loyal audience to your business, they also bring an audience that already trusts them and—by extension—you!

5) Using Stories On Social Media

Social media stories started with Snapchat, but the popularity of the format has led InstagramFacebook and now YouTube to launch their own versions of this communication format.

Live video or “Going Live” is a huge opportunity for businesses in 2019.

As I mentioned earlier, video marketing is the wave of the future. Going live adds two elements to video: feelings of “FOMO” and audience interaction. Case in point, Livestream just conducted a study that revealed that 80% of users would rather watch live video from a brand than read their content marketing posts.

People process video and images faster than text-based content and 67% of audiences who watch live stream videos will purchase. Brands can see unprecedented levels of engagement with live video content, so start implementing this strategy in 2019 also.

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