Overcoming failure can be hard, BUT…Failure, happens to everyone.

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business man is stressed from his work. depression and anxiety

You could be at the top of your field, publishing articles, blogs, and dissertations that millions of people are reading. You could be the key company of influence in your industry, standing at the front lines of your company in authority and strength. You could even be the CEO of the fastest-growing startup in the world. But you’ll still face failure at some point – it’s inevitable.

Believe me nobody is perfect so stop believing that you have to be 24/7 —perfection is an illusion.

It is not about being the best person, employee, boss, mentor, businessman/woman, CEO, lover, sibling or friend etc. It is about being the best you that YOU can be. It’s about picking yourself up, dusting yourself off, and carrying on when you fall.

Because you will, and that’s okay.

Here are six great tips for bouncing back after failure.

1. “You are not alone” you’re the only one who’s failed.

A plethora of songs come to mind here, however you have to get rid of the idea that you’re the only one in the world who’s failed at growing a company, generating a profit, writing articles, publishing a book or keeping to a deadline or schedule.

There are millions of people, just like you, every single day, who mess up. In fact, you can pick up any successful person’s book, and guaranteed, that person has a story in there about failure.

What they won’t have, though, is a story about giving up.

2. Failure is part of the journey – it’s a part of the process.

Honestly, failure is normal. I remember when I felt like I failed in every business venture I did. Now I own and/or control a considerable portfolio of businesses. If you could do anything and everything you wanted with trial and error or practice, you’d be superhuman. But you aren’t, and you aren’t expected to be!

Life is about figuring out who you are, overcoming failure, learning from mistakes, understanding and tweaking strategy and a lot of that comes from falling flat on your face.

When you try something new, you probably not going to be good at it at first. That doesn’t mean you don’t have the potential to be, it just means you need to keep going and working at it.

Think of the professional athletes or actor/actresses you follow on Instagram or Facebook. Do you really think that they were born with superhuman abilities? Sure, they may have had some talent or skills since birth, but the reason they are where they are is because of persistence, hard work, and a whole lot of adversity they overcame along the way.

3. Be honest with yourself – Accountability is crucial

In order to bounce back after failure, you have to hold yourself accountable for the things you have/haven’t done, especially if they affect your staff or others in some way.

Sometimes even what may appear to be harmless decisions can have a huge impact. Be aware of the consequences of your actions and messages (especially in this highly digital world!) and ways they can hurt others. Be sure to apologise and make amends if needed.

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4.  Each day is a chance for new opportunities – focus on this rather than short comings

You are going to have to make a choice. Wallow in self pity or choose life and embrace the change. Choose to focus on the ways you will improve and grow the business rather than the ways you’ve failed.

When you shift your attention on what you’ll do next, you can learn to let go of the past. This will help you come up with new ideas, see gaps in the market, see mistakes as lessons, rather than barriers to your growth.

5. Correct all actionable mistakes and move on

You have to move forward. You can’t cling to the past, as awful as the moment or situation may be. 

Although you can embrace the new and excel further than you ever would’ve going down the road that got you here. Make sure you are taking full responsibility for what you can control, which is all you can do in the wake of failure.

After this, you have to commit to moving on.

It’s not about where you are, it’s about where you’ll go next, and I’m certain that it will be even more magical than you have experienced to this point! Overcoming failure can be done, and it can be done by YOU.

Now get back up, and get back to work! You have conquering to do!


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